Because Standing Out Means Standing Out

Promika is a companion animal health company offering that entered a fiercely competitive consumer marketplace, needing to differentiate its safe and affordable flea and tick products against market leaders, such as Frontline® and Advantage II®.

Client :

Promika LLC

Date :

June 2015

Role :

Package Design, Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Branding


When the client wasn’t getting results from another agency they came to us for help. We stepped in to create brands the new company as well as several lines of flea and tick products for dogs and cats in a very condensed timeframe.

We took to the store shelves, studying how the new brands – now Adventure Plus™, ZoGuard™, ShieldTec™, and Salvo – could stand out. The answer: bolder design, contrasting lines, premium package finishes, and seriously fun and active pets – a great contrast to the more stoic competitive options. Promika products quickly landed their place on several big box and retail pet store shelves.


“As a child, everyone loves a good field trip. The most effective creative designers still do. We branded Promika’s product line only after walking the store aisles. It’s a great example of how agency diligence and brand intelligence combine to make an impact.”  – Lori

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