Elle Alexander Design Brands ZoGuard™ Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Big agency let-down? We understand. It’s the state that our latest new client arrived at before reaching out us for some fast-acting help. When new client, Promika, approached us to brand a novel line of flea and tick prevention with no more time to spare, we responded. Moving quickly to listen, conceptualize, design, and deliver – the ZoGuard™ brand was born.

Our first task was creating a product name on which to build the brand. Derived from “Zo,” a prefix meaning animal, and “Guard,” meaning protection (against fleas and ticks), the name ZoGuard Plus for dogs and cats connected.  Offering the same active ingredients as market-leading FRONTLINE®, ZoGuard Plus also needed packaging wow-factor to compete head-to-head. Next, we developed product packaging that sprung to life with unique images of active dogs and cats, dominant ZoGuard Plus foil lettering, and display packaging that’s both convenient and commanding.

Finally we designed and developed a mobile-friendly, responsive website, www.zoguardplus.com, to engage and educate consumers.

From October to December, ZoGuard Plus was branded, packaged, and its website launched. Just another quick Elle Alexander success story, bringing concept to satisfying fruition on your timeline, not ours.