Creating Product Brands that Connect with Consumers

We love creating client brand wins! Following the successful launch of ZoGuard® Plus for Promika, our pet product brand development aisle was bursting with opportunities to launch more flea and tick prevention OTC products. Spot-on. Collar. Spray. We needed to act fast and brand brilliantly to outmaneuver the competition.

Our team got to work. First naming four product lines that would need to go head-to-head with established market leaders. After diligent competitive discovery, ideation and concept testing, new Adventure Plus™, ShieldTec™ and Salvo™ brands were born.

Brand and packaging was developed, featuring bold colors, striking graphics, irresistible cats and dogs, and a highly disciplined branded-info regimen to draw consumer attention instantly to the right product choice.

After all, when shoppers are standing in the pet aisle, they may only use a moment to select a pest control regimen. They’ll need to determine, at-a-glance, if the product is…
Right for dogs or cats?
A good alternative to their usual product?
Controls or prevents the right pests?
In a formula I want?
With application I like?
For a duration that fits?

As with ZoGuard Plus, we helped Promika develop display solutions, promotions, and consumer education. The results? These products are earning shelf-space at regional and national pet supply and big-box stores, strongly competing for valuable market share.